In appreciation for your service, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team invites you—and your spouse—to the National Law Enforcement Retreat. Come be encouraged by experienced speakers who will discuss the unique issues faced by officers’ families and share insights from God’s Word.

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Horseshoe Bay, TX – March 19–21, 2018
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The cost is: $225/individual • $395/married couple (includes on-site lodging, food, sessions, and materials)

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Recent years have been very stressful and difficult in our lives and the three days spent on this retreat has done so much to allow me to re-focus, bring myself closer back to Jesus and realize what his intentions are for my life. It has brought my wife and I together and has definitely been a blessing in our life.

—Anonymous 2016 NLER Participant


We both benefited not only in our marriage but more importantly, spiritually.

—Anonymous 2016 NLER Participant


When Jim and I attended the Retreat this past November, we weren’t sure what to expect. We had never been to a retreat before. But from the moment we turned into the Cove entrance, we could tell the next few days would be different. As a law enforcement family, we live life differently. I am accustomed to my husband’s heightened vigilance, even when off-duty…eyes always scanning, head on a swivel. Once we realized we were in a place of safety and peace, I could see a remarkable difference in my husband and his fellow officers. And that difference remained the entire time we were there. It’s not easy to get our officers to relax, but you did it. I’m also grateful that you included us, the officers’ husbands and wives. It’s not often that we are given opportunities like this, and to know that someone recognizes and addresses our needs and concerns is very much appreciated. The breakout sessions were top-notch, the food and accommodations were wonderful, and the main session speakers and worship team were amazing.

Please accept and pass along my deepest thanks for giving Jim, his brothers and sisters, and the spouses the experience that you all gave us. See you in October!

—Kathy G., State Police Officer’s Wife


In forty-three years in law enforcement this is the best event I’ve ever attended.

—Bruce B., Sherriff


Our family was blessed beyond measure. Since our return, I have spoken in length with the President of our FOP lodge about sending multiple couples next year. Our lodge will be examining the proposal at the end of the year and create a budget item for next year. Please extend to your TEAM how the NLER blessed my wife and I. We are excited to see officers and their wives attend next year. May Jesus continue to bless the Rapid Response Team and BGEA!

—Joe F., Police Lieutenant


Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful retreat. You all made us feel special. I really needed the retreat. The timing was perfect.

—Dave V., Police Officer


Only criticism is that it was too short. One of the most incredible LE classes I have ever attended. I had a thought that it could be taken on the road all over the country. Speakers coming to talk to groups of cops. On the other hand, part of the whole experience was just being at the Cove. What an incredibly spiritual place. Thanks to you and all of the organizers. I am already planning a return next year. I will bring more with me next time.

—Bill B., Police Captain


Since the retreat my wife and have been transformed, it seems. We were both renewed in our faith, feel energized for God and have just been overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. Your prayers were and are a blessing to us. Our will is what God wants, not what we think it should be. We needed to be straightened out a little on that, so, we thank you for that.

—Chris, Police Lieutenant


I truly want to thank you and everyone else involved in providing my wife and I the opportunity to attend this past week. Words cannot express how grateful we are. If at all possible could you also extend a thank you to the donor who made this possible? Once again thank you.

—Josh L., Police Officer


We face unimaginable circumstances from day to day that the average person can’t imagine. Knowing there are people of like faith and wanting to help us and our families is a great feeling. May God bless each and every one of us and keep us safe.

—Dana L., County Sheriffs Office